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Each skill now has a difficulty tier: novice, adept or master. The simple skills are Novice skills. With one point in the school's ability, you can already learn some Novice skills. However, for the more powerful skills, you have to invest a certain amount of ability points in the school's ability to be able learn skills of the Adept or Master tier.

School Level 1: Can learn 3 novice skills
School Level 2: Can learn 5 novice skills, 2 adept skills
School Level 3: Can learn 6 novice skills, 3 adept skills
School Level 4: Can learn 6 novice skills, 4 adept skills, 1 master skill
School Level 5: Can learn 6 novice skills, 4 adept skills, 2 master skills

In addition, each skill has a minimum ability requirement. If the character's ability is below this, the action point cost of the skill is increased by 2 for each point of difference. For example, a character with 4 ranks of Hydrosophist is allowed to learn Mass Healing (a master skill), but since the skill's ability requirement is 5, the cost of casting will be increased from 8 action points to 10.

Each skill school is associated with one character attribute:

  • Expert Marksman and Scoundrel with Dexterity.
  • Man at Arms with Strength.
  • All other schools, the magic schools, with Intelligence.

There is a minimum attribute requirement for each skill. Each attribute point above this requirement, increases the effectiveness of the skill by 5%, up to a 150% cap. On the other hand, each attribute point below the requirement decreases skill effectiveness by 10%.  

Skill effectiveness refers to two main elements of skills:

  • Numerical values like damage (e.g. fireball), Vitality points restored by healing spells, etc.
  • Chance to apply a status effect (e.g. stun, freeze, haste, bless etc.). The base success chance is reported in the skill description. This status effect can be beneficial or negative / harmful. For harmful effects, the success chance is further modified by the following factors:
    • The target's saving throw (Willpower or Bodybuilding).
    • Level difference between the caster and the target.
    • Effects already on the target (e.g. wet boosts the chance to stun or freeze).

Attributes also affect skill cooldown period (after casting a skill, the number of turns before it can be cast again). Each skill has its own initial cooldown and may follow one of these reduction patterns:

  • Total reduction -4: Cooldown is reduced by 1 when the associated attribute raises to 8, 10, 13 and 15.
  • Total reduction -3: When the attribute raises to  9, 12 and 15.
  • Total reduction -2: When the attribute raises to  10 and 15. 


An example of status effect calculations: Let's say a wizard with INT 12 is trying to freeze an enemy fighter using the Freezing Touch spell. The base success chance for this spell (the freeze effect specifically) is 100%, as given by the spell description. The spell description also says that the minimum INT requirement is 8 and since the wizard is 4 ranks above that, he gets a 4 x 5% = 20% bonus and the success chance goes up to 120%.

On the other side, let's say the fighter’s Bodybuilding is 2 (Freeze is resisted by Bodybuilding). This means the fighter has a 2 x 15% = 30% chance to avoid any harmful effect that has a Bodybuilding save, or, in other words, the success ratio of such an effect is limited by a 100 - 30 = 70% factor.

The final / overall success chance of the wizard's Freezing Touch spell freezing the fighter is the product of the two figures above, which is 120% x 70% = 84% (or 1.2 x 0.7 = 0.84). So the fighter finally has a 100 - 84 = 16% chance to avoid freezing. This last figure is reported in the statistics window at the bottom right corner of the screen (maybe +/- 1 because of rounding).

Note again that all these success chance calculations are for the status effects applied by the spells / skills. Damage is applied always.


Click abilities on left column for more info.

Novice Adept Master
Avatar of Storms
Bitter Cold
Blitz Bolt
Shocking Touch
Thunder Jump
Wind of Change
Air Absorption Shield
Summon Air Elemental
Chain Lightning
Make Invisible
Avatar of Poison
Boulder Bash
Midnight Oil
Summon Spider
Petrifying Touch
Earth Absorption Shield
Blessed Earth
Magical Poison Dart
Tectonic Spray
Summon Wolf
Deadly Spores
Summon Earth Elemental
Summon Poison Slug
Avatar of Fire
Burn My Eyes
Burning Touch
Fire Absorption Shield
Purifying Fire
Summon Fire Elemental
Infectious Flame
Meteor Shower
Avatar of Frost
Freezing Touch
Slow Current
Cleansing Water
Ice Shard
Ice Wall
Mass Slow
Summon Ice Elemental
Water Absorption Shield
Water of Life
Hail Attack
Mass Healing
Mass Disease
Decaying Touch
Oath of Desecration
Lower Resistances
Summon Undead Warrior
Vampiric Touch
Destroy Summon
Drain Willpower
Summon Armoured Undead Decapitator
Death Punch
Horrific Scream
Battering Ram
Crushing Fist
Cure Wounds
Divine Light
Helping Hand
Melee Defensive Stance
Melee Power Stance
Barbed Wire
Crippling Blow
Elemental Tortoise
Shackles of Pain
Expert Marksman
First Aid
Ranged Precision Stance
Ranged Power Stance
Treat Poisoning
Splintered Arrow
Absorb the Elements
Survivor's Karma
Vampiric Arrow
Arrow Spray
Rain of Arrows
Shrapnel Scatter
Fast Track
Precise Incision
Venomous Strike
Winged Feet
Walk in Shadows
Become Air
Cloak and Dagger
Daggers Drawn
Eye Gouge
Wind-Up Toy
Coup De Grace
Crawling Infestation
Shadow Step

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