Skills are actions or spells that can be performed by a character that cause a particular effect dependent on the skill. They have a cooldown, which determines the number of turns the character must wait between each use. They also have an Action Point cost, which is deducted from the character's available Action Points upon use.

Skill Groups: AbilitiesEdit

Ability Description
Aerotheurge Int based Air damaging skills, DOS Status Effect StunnedStunsCannot Move or Act , Teleportation, Utility
Expert Marksman Dex based Crossbow/Bow Weapon damage skills, DOS Status Effect CharmedCharmTurnover to opponent's side

Removed by:
DOS Skill Purifying Fire Purifying Fire
, Utility
Geomancer Int based Earth/Poison damaging spells, DOS Status Effect Knocked DownKnock DownsCannot Move or Act

Removed by:
DOS Skill Helping Hand Helping Hand
, Shielding, Summons
Hydrosophist Int based Water damaging spells, DOS Status Effect FrozenFreezes-20% Water Resistance
+40% Fire Resistance
+65 Armour
Cannot Move or Act

Removed by:
DOS Skill Purifying Fire Purifying Fire
DOS Status Effect BurningBurning
, Healing
Man-at-Arms Str based Melee Weapon damaging skills, DOS Status Effect Knocked DownKnock DownsCannot Move or Act

Removed by:
DOS Skill Helping Hand Helping Hand
, AoE Buffs/Debuffs
Pyrokinetic Int based Fire damaging skills, DOS Status Effect BurningBurns-20% Fire Resistance
+40% Water Resistance
Fire Damage Over Time

Removed by:
DOS Skill Helping Hand Helping Hand
DOS Skill Purifying Fire Purifying Fire
, Large damage, AoE
Scoundrel Dex based Dagger damaging skills, Status Effects for Every Occasion
Witchcraft Int based, good buffs, better debuffs, Undead Summons
Special Other Skills

Learning Skills Edit

Skills are learned permanently by using Skill Books, which can be bought from vendors or found scattered throughout the world. Each Skill has a minimum Level requirement which must be reached before it can be learned from its associated Skill Book. Skills can be forgotten, which will free up the skill slot that it previously occupied. Once forgotten, a Skill can only be reacquired by finding another copy of the associated Skill Book.

A character can learn up to 3 Skills associated with each Ability they have one point in, and every further Ability point invested increases this limit by 2, as shown in the table below.

Ability Level Max Skills Known
1 3
2 5
3 7
4 9
5 Unlimited

Ability Level Requirement Edit

Each skill is associated with a specific Ability, and requires a certain level of this Ability to be used effectively. if this level is not met, the Action Point cost of the skill is increased by 2 for each Ability level below the requirement.

The Maximum Skill Level is the soft max at which skills have a higher action point cost to use if they are beyond that level. Each level of the ability below the max adds 2 extra action points to the cost. For example, a 13th skill level spell used with only 1 level of the associated ability would cost 6 more action points than usual (+2 for each missing ability level).

Ability Level S.Lvl Before AP Penalty
1 4
2 8
3 12
4 16
5 20

Here is an example of the AP cost of casting DOS Skill Infectious Flame Infectious Flame through different ability levels of Pyrokinetic.

Pyrokinetic Ability Level S. Level Before AP Penalty Infectious Flame S. Level Normal AP Cost of Infectious Flame Adjusted AP Cost of Infectious Flame
1 4 16 9 15
2 8 16 9 13
3 12 16 9 11
4 16 16 9 9
5 20 16 9 9

Minimum Attribute Effectiveness Edit

Each skill is associated with a particular attribute. For example, Man at arms skills require strength while Pyrokinetic or Hydrosophist skills require intelligence.

Skills have a minimum Attribute requirement based on their Skill level, as shown in table below. Each Attribute point below the requirement reduces the effectiveness of the Skill by 10%, while each Attribute point above the requirement grants a 5% bonus. This effectiveness modifies the chance that the skills status effect has of taking effect. The damage of the skill is also affected by the attribute requirement.

For example, if a 5th level skill has a 100% base chance to set a status, but you only have 8 of that attribute, the base chance will be 90% instead. If you instead have 12 of that attribute, the +3 extrapoints equates to a base chance of 115% to set the same status. This bonus is useful because each point of willpower or body building that an enemy might have gives them a 10% better chance to resist your spells, effectively offsetting your base chance.

Skill Level Attribute
0-1 7
2-4 8
5-7 9
8-10 10
11-13 11
14-17 12
18-20 13

Here is an example of the effectiveness of casting Infectious Flame through different Intelligence levels.

Intelligence S. Level of Infectious Flame Minimum Int. Required Normal base chance to set Burning Adjusted chance to set Burning
10 16 12 70% 50%
11 16 12 70% 60%
12 16 12 70% 70%
13 16 12 70% 75%
14 16 12 70% 80%
15 16 12 70% 85%
16 16 12 70% 90%
17 16 12 70% 95%

Base Cooldown Edit

Base cooldown is the cooldown of a Skill with a base intelligence of 5. Every 2 Intelligence after 4 int reduces the cooldown by 1 turn. For example, a character with 10 intelligence reduces magical cooldowns by 3 turns.

This only affects Magic Schools of Skills, which are Aerotheurge, Geomancer, Hydrosophist, Pyrokinetic, and Witchcraft.

Vendors Edit

Vendors reset their inventory the first time you talk to them, each time your character levels up. A good tip on trying to get a skillbook you want is to save just before talking to the vendor & reloading the game until he/she has stock of the skillbook you want.

Cyseal Edit

  • Aerotheurge & Hydrosophist Skillbooks are sold by Cylia the Enchantress in the Marketplace.
  • Expert Marksman Skillbooks are sold by Fletcher in the Marketplace.
  • Scoundrel & Witchcraft Skillbooks are sold by Shereth in The King Crab Inn (Cyseal); Vometia at The Pickaxe Tavern (Silverglen)
  • Man-at-Arms Skillbooks are sold by Aureus at the Legion Headquarters.
  • Geomancer & Pyrokinetic Skillbooks are sold by Arhu on the second floor of the Legion Headquarters.
  • Conrad, Captain of a ship in the harbor, also sells random Skillbooks
  • Thelyron sells a few Skillbooks at his Clinic.

Homestead Edit

There are Elemental Halls in Homestead where you can buy skillbooks.

Hall of Fire
Hall of Frost
Hall of Wind
Hall of Earth

Skill List Edit

Ability Skills
Aerotheurge Air ShieldBecome AirBitter ColdBlitz BoltChain LightningFarseerFeather DropHeadviceImmune to ElectrifiedInvisibilityLightning BoltLightning StrikeMake InvisibleRemove PetrificationShocking TouchStormSummon Air ElementalTeleportationTornado
Expert Marksman Arrow SprayBarrageDoctorFirst AidInfectMinor CharmMuteRanged Power StanceRanged Precision StanceRaptureRicochetSurvivor's KarmaTactical RetreatTreat Poisoning
Geomancer Acid BreathBlessBlessed EarthBoulder BashBoulder DashDeadly SporesEarth ShieldEarthquakeFortifyImmune to PoisoningMagical Poison ArrowMagical Poison DartMidnight OilNature's CursePetrifying TouchSummon BloodswarmSummon Earth ElementalSummon SpiderSummon Wolf
Hydrosophist Cleansing WaterFreezing TouchHail AttackIce ShardIce WallImmune to BurningMass DiseaseMass SlowMinor Heal (Divinity: Original Sin)Piercing Ice ShardRainRestorationSlow CurrentStrong RegenerateSummon Ice ElementalWater ShieldWater of LifeWinterblast
Man-at-Arms Battering RamCrippling BlowCrushing FistCure WoundsDivine LightDraw BloodDust DevilEncourageEroding StrikeFlurryHelping HandInspireLower ResistancesMelee Power StanceMelee Precision StanceNullify ResistancesPhoenix DiveRageTerrorWhirlwind
Pyrokinetic Burn My EyesBurning BlazeBurning TouchExplodeFire ShieldFireflyFlareImmolationImmune to FreezingInfectious FlameLava CoreMeteor ShowerPurifying FireSelf-ImmolationSmall FireballSmokescreenSummon Fire ElementalWildfire
Scoundrel Charming TouchCloak and DaggerDaggers DrawnEye GougeFast TrackLaceratePrecise IncisionRazor's EdgeSelf MedicateTripVenomous StrikeWalk in ShadowsWind-Up Toy
Witchcraft Absorb the ElementsBlindBloodlettingDeath PunchDestroy SummonDrain WillpowerEnfeebling TouchHorrific ScreamInvulnerabilityMaledictionMass WeaknessOath of DesecrationResurrectSoulsapSummon Armoured Undead DecapitatorSummon Undead WarriorUnlock MagicVampiric Touch
Special Death Knight BaneStaff of MagusStaff of the Tempest

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