The quest is obtained along with Frederick's Blood Stone quest from Frederick, or inside Maradino's Lair directly from Yox the imp. In the latter case, in order to continue this quest, you must start but not complete Frederick's Blood Stone. Frederick explains how his imp slave pushed him off the cliff during his search for the Blood Stone hidden within Maradino's Lair.

Yox is located inside of Maradino's Lair, northwest from the cave entrance. Follow a series of wooden plank bridges to an area with few precious gems. Yox is regretful for his actions and fearful for Federick's reprisal.

Walkthrough Edit

  1. You can tell Yox to face the music and return to Frederick for +1 Obedient and 4500 XP. This quest will end when you find out that Frederick killed Yox in a rage upon his return.
  2. Otherwise, tell Yox to stay hidden in the cave for +1 Independent and 3150 XP.
  3. In Maradino's study you will find the Latest Research which describes how to brew an Elixir of Courage (Apple + Pumpkin). Brew this potion, and give it to Yox for 4500 XP.
  4. This quest ends when Yox returns to confront Frederick and runs away for freedom.

Note: if you killed Frederick or refused to heal him with a Blood Stone, the Imp will simply leave.

Rewards Edit

  • +1 Obedient and 4500 XP or
  • +1 Independent and 3150 XP + 4500 XP

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