Sosostra is a clairvoyant that is located next to Buad's storage in Broken Valley. You can ask her to read your fortune to unlock a few secrets that are well worth the 50 gold they cost.


  1. The first fortune is a white bunny, located east of Sosostra near the tombstone. Follow the river that runs past her camp, on the same side of it that she is. Follow it and it turns itself into a chest just for you that contains random things. Don't bother trying to kill the cute little bunny because you can't. If playing on Nightmare you might want to clear out the area since there are ranged goblins that can be a bother. Also, the chest has a random creature drop slot up to perfect (DKS version), its a good place to save/reload if you want: quicksave before ever looking directly at the chest (i.e. the yellow selection triangle appear on it)
  2. Seth is the second fortune told, a knight who wants to fight any and everyone. He is located south at the cross between Orobas Fjords and the Mine.
  3. The third fortune entails you seeing "the land as the eagle does." You can fulfill this one by passing through the narrow pathway leading to Maxos Temple where you will meet Bellegar. He transports you south of Lovis' tower to a small plateau otherwise unattainable. This area is near Needleman's storage. There is a chest with a set piece in it as well (DKS).
  4. The fourth one frightens her. It has something to do with you & the damned one (i.e. Damian). Receiving this fortune unlocks the "She Never Saw It Coming" achievement and grants you 1500 XP.

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