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Derelict Tunnels

Talismans of AzimuthEdit

There are three talismans the player may collect during their travels. They are found in the Derelict Tunnels. The story behind the talismans is discovered in a book entitled Dusty Tome. Presenting all three talismans to the demon Azimuth will grant the bearer Azimuth's favor, which is the most powerful Talisman of the North. Using one of the talismans incorrectly will result in the loss of health.

Dusty Tome

Dusty Tome

DustyTome map

Dusty Tome Map

Talisman of the South

Talisman of the South

TalismanOfTheSouth map

Talisman of the South Map

Talisman of the West

Talisman of the West

TalismanOfTheWest map

Talisman of the West map

Talisman of the East

Talisman of the East

TalismanOfTheEast map

Talisman of the East Map

Talisman of the NorthEdit

Return to the center of the tunnels and face the Azimuth shrine. Be certain that you are close to the statue before presenting the talismans. The three talismans must be presented in the proper order lest Azimuth be offended.

To present a talisman use (or double-click) it. If the talismans are presented in the proper order a small chest will appear in front of the statue. Present the talismans in the following order.

  1. Talisman of the West
  2. Talisman of the East
  3. Talisman of the South
Talisman of the North

Shrine of Azimuth

ShrineOfAzimuth Reward

Shrine of Azimuth Reward


Talisman of the North

Note: The statue image may be different every character, sometimes it looks like a woman in a robe, others it will look like a demon.


  • It is believed the properties of Talisman of the North are generated based upon the player level when the tunnels are first entered or the first talisman (East, West, South) is collected.
  • It is not necessary to have the tome in your possession to acquire the Talisman of the North.

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