Description Edit

Throw an item or character up high and drop it to the ground, dealing X-Y crushing damage. Cannot target self.
Target can be moved 15.0 meters away from its position.

Tips & StrategiesEdit

  • This skill does AoE damage, so you can pick up an enemy and drop it onto another enemy to do damage.
  • You can use this skill on an Ally character to move him closer or farther away to an enemy, though it will also hurt your character. If a character of yours have high vitality, you can drop your character onto an enemy to deal damage while moving closer too.
  • See DOS Skill Feather Drop Feather Drop for moving an Ally character without damaging anyone.
  • Works on objects. A good example of this is to use it on the chest behind the rope in Cyseal's Harbor, then dropping it outside of this unreachable area.

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