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There is a locked chest next to the Well in Hiberheim, directly north of Haizea from The Captives in the Crystals, which grants access to the Winter RingDOS Items Unique Winter Ring from Boreas' Treasure Room.

Walkthrough Edit

  1. Kill the Guardian north of Haizea from The Captives In The Crystals. You can one shot him with the Shambling Oak Death WandDOS Items Quest Shambling Oak Death Wand, which dropped by the Immaculate named Hilda in the Immaculate camp to the east of the Hiberheim Forest Waypoint. See The Three Immaculate Camps.
  2. (optional) If your party consists of a dual lone wolf composition, you will need to acquire two chests (about 50 kg each) before proceeding further, which you will use later as weights for the pressure plates you will encounter to unlock the chest. Essentially, you will need one chest for each lone wolf.
  3. Head up the stairs and find the fourth floor plate to the right of the others. If you have four characters, split them up and step on all four to disable the lava trap. If not, use the chests. Or if someone of your party has the Winged Feet skill, he can simply walk over the lava and regroup with the others via the Teleporter PyramidsDOS Items Quest Teleporter Pyramid.
  4. Once the trap is disabled, gather your party (and pick up your chests) and climb the stairs. There is a lever to the left of the door that will open it.
  5. Step on the next set of pressure plates in the order provided below, without getting caught by the Sentinels. If a Sentinel shouts "Intruder spotted", you have to go back down the stairs to reset them. You know you're okay as long as the lights behind the Sentinels are green. Use Furtivity/Sneak/Invisibility to trigger the plates undetected. Beware, the last two Sentinels rotate.
The Chest By The Wall
- Note: If you have the original version of D:OS, you may be able to instead levitate over the lava to turn each switch until the gates open and you can reach the chest. If you have the Enhanced Edition, this is not possible.
  1. Now that the gate at point 4 is open, throw the lever behind it. This opens the gate at point 3 that protects a chest. Open the chest to get the Royal Guard TalismanDOS Items Quest Royal Guard Talisman. If you haven't already done so, you will have to complete Eternal Winter to proceed any further.
  2. Enter Boreas' treasure room. Wear the Royal Guard TalismanDOS Items Quest Royal Guard Talisman and stand in the center of the central grate for about 10 seconds to receive the Winter RingDOS Items Unique Winter Ring and 5000 XP.

 Rewards Edit

  • 5000 XP
  • Winter RingDOS Items Unique Winter Ring

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