When you run through the Cyseal Church Graveyard to the East of Cyseal, a Madman will speak to you and then attack you with a cohort of a couple dozen Exploskeletons.

Walkthrough Edit

  1. Enter the graveyard. Use Rain to clear the oil field on approach to the madman and prevent Slow (Jahan comes in handy).
  2. Walk towards the madman to start the fight. You will have a brief moment to safely position your party before the fight commences.
  3. Kill any single Exploskeleton to take out most if not all of the Exploskeletons. Use fire for best results.
  4. Kill the Madman if he survived the massive explosion.

Rewards Edit

  • 1545 XP for defeating the Graveyard Madman
  • 900 XP per Exploskeleton if you manage to kill it before it detonates (there are 16 of them)
  • How To Speak Troll, Zombie EditionDOS Items Books How To Speak Troll, Zombie Edition book (used to communicate with The Zombie Troll)

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