The Imprisoned Elf Edit

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Description Edit

Reward Edit

The most optimal reward acquired by the following way..

  1. Leave 3 party members near Stingtail's camp.
  2. Leave 1 member at Griff's Camp.
  3. Using a member near Stingtail, convince him to surrender the oranges to you. 240 Experience party wide.
  4. Trade the oranges to the member at Griff's camp and turn in Stingtail for stealing them. 840 Experience party wide.
  5. Talk to Amryo with the member in Griff's camp. 840 Experience party wide.
  6. Switch back to the members at Stingtail's camp, and bring the 4th member there, attack the assassin Silence to fight alongside Stingtail. Do NOT hit Stingtail, do not even let him touch any AoE you have put down, fire, poison, nothing, he WILL aggro you if he does, so save before attacking Silence. Defeating Silence will reward 1,000 Experience party wide.
  7. Speak to Stingtail after defeating Silence. 600 Experience party wide.

Following this method all the trainers will remain alive and you will have gained far more experience than you would have if you had taken any other approach to this quest.

240 Experience for convincing or defeating Stingtail and taking the Oranges from him, 840 Experience for turning in Stingtail to Griff, 840 Experience for freeing Amyro.

Guide Edit

Begin this quest by offering help to Griff in Griff's Camp, talking to Amyro in the cage in Griff's Camp or Saehila in the Caverns.

You can question nearby NPC's if they have seen anything suspicious, but the only one who will tell you any useful information is the Rat in Griff's Camp if you have Pet Pal trait, that will lead you to Stingtail. Checking a crate called Marked Crate near Stingtail's camp will also provide proof he stole them.

You can convince Stingtail to give you the Oranges or take it from him by force, it should be noted that anything that results in his death will prevent you from having a Pyromancy trainer before reaching the rebels camp later in Act 1.

When you return to Griff's Camp you can confront him about what is really in the Oranges or just give them to him, it makes no difference, he will demand you tell him who stole them and you will have the option to either not tell him or tell him. Telling him will finish the quest and he will free Amyro, however he will send an assassin named Silence to Stingtail's camp to kill him, if you don't help he will die. If you refuse to tell Griff his whole gang will attack you, that is about 6 or 7 NPCs, you cannot win this early in the game against his gang.

There seems to be no reasonably peaceful option to save Stingtail and finish the quest built into the dialogue, however if you have read the rewards section above you will know that there is a way to save Stingtail and keep in Griff's good grace, I highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend you take that reward path as it is the hands down best, everyone lives and the party gets a massive boost in experience.

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