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The Legend of the Weresheep is a quest in Divinity: Original Sin. The quest is initiated when you find a parchment named The Last Weresheep in King Boreas' treasure room. This quest cannot be resolved until entering the Phantom Forest towards the end of the game.


  1. Find the parchment, The Last Weresheep in King Boreas' treasure room in Hiberheim.
  2. Optional: Find the book The Legend of the Weresheep in the Cyseal Church graveyard after dealing with The Graveyard Madman.
  3. Progress through the story until you can enter the Phantom Forest.
  1. Head northeast until the northern Waypoint Portal. From there go northeast to find the Kickstarter Tree and get 4590 Exploration XP. Optional: Activate the tree to see some credits.
  2. Drop a stardust herb on the ground in front of the tree and the Weresheep will appear. It is not aggressive.
  3. There are several ways of obtaining the wool:
    • Trade with the Weresheep and buy the wool for 1 coin. (In the Enhanced Edition you cannot trade with it even with Pet Pal talent, but you can pickpocket it)
    • Speak to the Weresheep and win the RPS game. After you win, sheep gives you the wool and runs away.
    • Kill the Weresheep for the wool and 12600 XP (in EE it is 31500 XP). This is a tough battle.
  4. After obtaining the wool through whichever method go to the Elemental Forge in Hiberheim from Find The Witch!
  5. Use the wool on the forge to obtain the Weresheep armor, very good level 16 armor, and complete the quest.


  • Weresheep Armour, Boots, Bracers, and Helmet
  • 4590 Exploration XP
  • Optional fight : 12600 XP (EE = 31500 XP)

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