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Wulfram hiding in plain sight

Wulfram is an Archaeologist who has gotten himself lost in the outskirts of Cyseal. He's located straight north of the town, about 200m from the town walls. You can also get this quest from Lieutenant Selenia near the Legion Headquarters.

Walkthrough Edit

  • Find him "hiding" in an abandoned building. He keeps repeating a few lines, so he should be easy to locate.
Agree to escort him for +1 Compassionate or refuse for +1 Heartless. The second option will give you no XP and -1 Reputation.
If you let him run-off after agreeing to escort him, he dies and you get 335 XP and -1 to reputation from the lt. Selenia.
  • Escort him to the western town gate. There will be two very easy involuntary encounters along the way.
  • (Optional) Meet him at the Tavern where he thanks you again.
  • Meet up with Lieutenant Selena near the Legion Headquarters and speak to her.
  • She will get slightly agitated about having lost 10 men, but will thank you nonetheless.


  • 1715 XP summary for an escort
  • +1 Reputation
  • 3000 XP

or should he run off and die:

  • 335 XP
  • -1 Reputation

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