NPCs Involved Edit

Quest Steps Edit

Acquire a Yarrow Flower before starting this quest as it is a crucial item to completing the quest in a peaceful resolution. You'll find a Yarrow Flower before entering the camp here at the image to the right. Coordinates are x212 y 243. (I had already picked it up when i took this photo)

  1. Speak to Magister Yarrow
  2. Find Migo in a tucked away piece of beach next to The Caverns
  3. Speak to him and offer him the Yarrow Flower, in exchange he will give you his ring Or alternatively you can kill him.
  4. Return to Magister Yarrow and show her proof of finding Migo by giving her his ring.
  5. Follow Magister Yarrow back to Migo and converse with them to finish the quest.
Fort joy

Rewards Edit

Kill Migo Edit

1,000 Experience for killing Migo

300 Experience for telling Magister Yarrow and giving her Migo's Ring as proof

Migo's Breastplate

Tell Magister Yarrow where Migo is Edit

600 Experience for telling Magister Yarrow where he is

Magister's Key

Extra Notes Edit

  • Migo is very powerful early on, fighting him is not recommended. Though if you choose to you do get a nice armor item and some bonus experience.

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