The Philosopher is a quest available in Divinity: Original Sin.
The philosopher

The ghost of Nemris, near his grave


  1. While in Cyseal Cemetery, dig up the grave to the left of Siva which says "Here lies Nemris, Master of Philosophy".
  2. The ghost of Nemris appears and is willing to test your knowledge in philosophy. In order to pass his test you must answer correctly to three questions. The answers can be found in the book Philosophy of DeathDOS Items Books Philosophy of Death which is in the library, upstairs of Mayor Cecil's house.
  3. Take the test and answer as follows to complete the quest and earn your reward:
  • For the first question the answer is 2. Of course not.
  • For the second question the answer is 2. Not entirely, no.
  • For the third question the answer is 1. Your salvation.


  • 600 XP
  • Reward Chest with random loot

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