You receive this quest after talking to Ebenezer the ghost. He stands with a group of ghosts right to the east of the Cyseal Old Church Waypoint Portal. You must go through the graveyard from The Graveyard Madman quest and head to the southeast to reach it. You will also need the Pet Pal talent to complete this quest.


  1. Ebenezer tells you about his ship that got sunk, and about a cat named Oscar who was on board. He wonders about the Oscar's fate.
  2. Return to Cyseal and speak to Unsinkable Sam at the King Crab Tavern. This will updates the quest for 1080 XP. You will also find out from the cat what kind of person Ebenezer is.
  3. Return to Ebenezer and talk to him. You have 2 choices:
    • You can leave Ebenezer alone for +1 Materialistic and a chest (with horrible loot).
    • Force him to the Hall of Echos for +1 Spiritual. Ebenezer and his buddies will turn hostile, giving you plenty more XP for killing them.


  • 2160 XP and Treasure Chest (if Ebenezer lives)
  • 7725 XP (if Ebenezer and his squad dies)

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