The Purged DragonEdit

This quest is obtained after speaking to Slane, a sterling dragon found at x580 y166.

He is bound and asks you to obtain the purging wand of the witch Radaka in the nearby cave (x590 y99). 

Be careful when exploring the cave as it is filled with vents and mirage traps.

Radaka spawns 4 allies to help her so it might prove difficult at first. The loot on her body was extremely rewarding. I found 3 Witchcraft skillbooks, the purging wand and a Blood Rose on my playthrough.

You can also trade with Radaka before having the conversation about Slane. She has a bunch of Witchcraft spells and a Blood Rose. 

After defeating her, speak to slane again and set him free. He morphs into a lizard and promises to come to your aid in the future when you need him most. 

Before facing the Galvanized Shriekers (x560 y273) he flies above and kills all of them, allowing you to quest further. 

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