The Red Prince is a lizard you may play as or recruit as a companion in Divinity: Original Sin 2.

The Prince will be the first companion you encounter, he will be found near the entrance to Fort Joy peering off into the ocean.

The Red Prince's default class is Fighter, however with the previous update you can now change companion's classes when first recruiting them. The Prince with his Lizard race talents makes for an excellent spellcaster due to Spellsong.

NOTE: These stats and abilities are if you leave him as his default Fighter class. Tags do not change, Dragon's Blaze and Spellsong + Sophisticated do not change if you swap his class.

11 Strength1 Single-HandedBattle StompOpportunistNoble
10 Finesse1 WarfareContaminationSpellsongScholar
12 Intelligence1 GeomancerFortifySophisticatedThe Red Prince
12 Constitution1 PersuasionDragon's Blaze
10 Memory1 BarteringRecover Armor
10 Wits

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