The Shakedown Edit

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Description Edit

Upon entering the camp you find an elven woman being harassed by two thugs.

Quest Steps Edit

There are multiple results depending on what you choose to say and do.

  1. You can let Elodi fight them alone, she will die and you will get nothing.
  2. You can choose to not stand by and watch, you and Elodi will fight Burro and Kana.
  3. You can disable Burro by tricking him into thinking you are handing over your money and knee him.
  4. If you have the [Rogue] tag you can convince them Elodi is some sort of brutal mythic figure called the Impaler and they will leave her alone.
  5. You can pay the thugs a gold piece and they will leave Elodi alone.

If you help Elodi she will direct you to follow her to the Caverns where she will give you her final reward, the severed head.

Reward Edit

300 Experience if you side with Elodi and stop Burro and Kana.

Bonus 480 Experience if you choose to kill Burro and Kana. (Best option, doesn't seem to be any consequences to killing them.)

Severed Head. (Teaches First Aid if eaten by an Elf companion.)

Burro's Club. Looted from Burro's corpse. It is a named item, but isn't that strong.

+100 Attitude towards any party members if you help Elodi.

Extra Edit

As of patch v3.0.50.423 Ifan will also assist you against Burro and Kana. This is probably because most players will be drawn to their conflict sooner than they will find the other 2/3 companions and gives them a better chance of winning the fight.

Elodi will also now give the player clear instructions to the Caverns where she resides once Kana and Burrow are defeated.

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