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The Shipless Sailors is a quest in Divinity: Original Sin.


Just past the ship from Fire! Fire! Fire!, you will find three sailors whose ship has been destroyed in the Orc raid. They ask you to help them find a job, because they have nothing to support themselves with.

  1. At the market, next to the fountain, you can find Captain Jack. Ask him if he is willing to recruit the sailors and he will agree. 
  2. Near the entrance to the King Crab Tavern you will find Mendius who will tell you about his organisation, the "Fabulous Five" who is also searching for new men. 
  3. Return to the sailors. You now have two choices: 
  • Tell the sailors about captain Jack's offer and get + 1 Altruistic.
  • Tell the sailors about  the "Fabulous Five" and get + 1 Egotistical.


  • + 1 Altruistic / + 1 Egotistical
  • 180 XP


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