East of the entrance to the Immaculate Trial dungeon, you will find several men and women worshiping some spider eggs.
DOS Quest The Spider Worshipers

Future spider food

Walkthrough Edit

  • Speak to the worshipers to initiate a dialogue.
  • Choose to leave them be for +1 Renegade
  • Choose to intervene for +1 Righteous.
  • Use intimidate for a +1 bonus and win the Charisma game for 3940 XP.
  • Worshipers will flee and 8 Spiders will hatch instantly and attack. Kill them for 8 x 1930 XP.
  • You can go further east and speak to a dazed man and tell him about the fate of his friends.

Rewards Edit

  • +1 Renegade or
  • +1 Righteous and 19380 XP

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