The ghost of Snorri believes that he is the strongest man and that nobody can challenge him.

NOTE: Snorri is one of a few vendors that will sell legendary items. Completing this quest will make him disappear forever. It is advised that you do not complete this quest and instead revisit him at every level up to farm legendary equipment.


  1. In the abandoned house with the skeletons right to the west from Cyseal West Waypoint Portal, you'll find a hidden hatch covered by a mat. The key to it lies nearby. Enter the hatch.
  2. There is a tomb inside the cellar. Move the tomb's plate and the ghost of Snorri will appear. Challenge him.
  3. Snorri will summon a ball. Destroy it within 35 sec to complete the quest.


  • 600 XP
  • Treasure chest

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