DOS Quest The Talking Statues - Corpse

Tragic end

Along the path to Cyseal at the very beginning of the game (north of your starting position), there is a corpse with the Traveler's JournalDOS Items Quest Traveler's Journal on him. Reading this journal will initiate the quest.

Walkthrough Edit

  1. Read the journal for 300 xp and the initial quest update. A dialog between the characters becomes available for Pragmatic +1 or Romantic +1 depending on choices.
  2. Talk to the Beggar in Cyseal (to the south of Legion's Headquarters, right to the East of Esmeralda's Shop outside an abandoned building) to update the quest for 100 XP. Initiate a dialog for +1 Spiritual or +1 Materialistic. The quest will continue when you have defeated the Sparkmaster from The Fabulous Five  / Arhu's Failed Experiment.
  3. Be sure to have a damaging spell or scroll for each of the four elements- Fire, Water, Earth and Air as you will need them later.
  4. Exit from the other end of the cave with the Sparkmaster. Travel straight to the northwest and you'll find the statues.
  5. (Optional) To the west of the statues on the beach you'll find A Dead Man's Corpse and a crab called Pincer nearby. If you have the Pet Pal talent, talk to Pincer and he will tell you about the corpse. Then initiate an inter character dialog for +1 Bold or +1 Cautious.
  6. Talk to any one of the statues to update the quest. Then use a damaging spell or scroll associated with that statue (Fire spell for Fire statue and so on).
  7. Each time you use such a spell, an elemental demon will appear and attack you. Defeat all four demons to complete the quest. Remember that the spells of their types will heal them.
  8. Once all demons are defeated, the entrance to the cave will be revealed. Inside, you'll meet the imprisoned wizard.


  • 2100 xp
  • 1050 xp for each demon
  • Pragmatic +1 or Romantic +1
  • Spiritual +1 or Materialistic +1
  • Optional: Bold +1 or Cautious +1

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