Blue Pyramid Teleporter

This quest is acquired and completed when you talk to ZixZax after speaking with the Weaver Of Time on your first visit to the End Of Time. ZixZax gives you a rift travel device and a Red Teleporter Pyramid.


  • The Blue Teleporter Pyramid lies in Cyseal's Town Hall - Bathroom near Mayor Cecil's Office.
  • Simply use the Red Teleporter Pyramid while in Cyseal to teleport to it.
  • Cecil's wife, Cecilia, who was taking a bath, roars for you to leave the room immediately. Win or lose the minigame against her, then pick up the Blue Pyramid Teleporter and leave the room.

Note: if you investigated Jack murder without visiting Cecilia, she might refuse to talk to you. Problem is, you therefore got trapped in the room (indestructible door, magic unlock seem to fail, too). In this case, before teleporting to bathroom, leave one of your companions outside. Then, after teleporting in and picking up the blue pyramid, you can hand him over this pyramid (right through the wall) from inside, and then teleport to him, to see the shining sun again.

Bug: If you don't pick up the Blue Pyramid Teleporter fast enough the quest may not be marked as completed

Rewards Edit

  • 2 x Teleporter PyramidDOS Items Quest Teleporter Pyramid
  • 90 Exploration XP
  • 130 Charisma XP if you win the minigame

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