At the end of the Knight's Tomb northeast of Hunter's Edge will be two Watchers from Nemesis that are tasked to capture the Red Imps.

Walkthrough Edit

Speak with the Watchers to learn of their quest to capture the Red Imps to appease their demon overlords in Nemesis. You can:

  • Tell the Watchers the Red Imps currently reside at the The End of Time for Righteous +1 and the Mystical Tome. They will thank you and proceed to capture the Red Imps, completing the quest for 10200 XP. Travel to Homestead, in the south-east corner, to witness the capture, re-unite with Zixzax, and discover a new portal to the Hall of Darkness.
  • Send the Watchers on a wild goose chase to Cyseal's Beach for Renegade +1. They will bicker near the two drunk guards where you first entered Cyseal. Meet the Dark Underlord in front of the Portal To the Hall of Darkness at the The End of Time. He will reward you with the Mystical Tome for not ratting the imps out and tell the rest of the Red Imps to leave you alone from now on, completing the quest for 4535 XP. They will remain there, just not gather around you constantly.

Rewards Edit

  • Mystical Tome (+1 to Attribute)
  • Righteous +1 and 10200 XP (no more random imps at Homestead), or...
  • Renegade +1 and 4535 XP (peaceful random imps at Homestead).

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