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This quest is obtained when you speak to Walter McWishing Well (a well) southwest of the Cyseal Old Church.

Walkthrough Edit

  1. Talk to Walter and find out what happened to his brother William McWishing Well. You can travel to William straight away but there is nothing yet to be done (except exhausting all dialog options and getting some instant XP).
  2. You must complete the Eternal Winter quest (Up to the point where you obtain the Elemental Staff. You do not have to destroy it in order to continue this quest.) and loot the Well Teleportation ScrollDOS Items Quest Well Teleportation Scroll from Boreas' Treasure Room in order to continue.
  3. After obtaining the Well Teleportation ScrollDOS Items Quest Well Teleportation Scroll, go to William who is located directly northeast of the Hiberheim Forest Waypoint. See The Chest by the Well for the instructions on how to enter this area if you have not yet done it.
  4. Stand next to William and read the Well Teleportation ScrollDOS Items Quest Well Teleportation Scroll. This will teleport William to Walter.
  5. Return to Walter's location in Cyseal to complete the quest.
  6. Ask Walter for a wish and choose the dialogue option to give him 1500 gold. In exchange he will give you loot that will be worth more than 1500 gold.
  7. Optional - once Hiberheim is explored to the north where the volcanoes shoot fire, a new conversation option opens with William. If you ask for a wish it will open charisma choices. Any choice will work and give charisma experience. You can either wish to end the snowstorm that covers Hiberheim or to stop the volcano explosions.

Rewards Edit

  • 5640 XP
  • Optional - 3300 Charisma XP
  • Loot


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