The third series of rooms of Maxos' Temple includes library to the east, the Blood Altar to the west, and the bedroom quarters to the south.

Bedroom quarters Edit

The bedroom quarters of Maxos' Temple contain Fendrel's room, Francis' Room, Amdusias' Room, and Benedict's Room.

  1. First, you must enter the rooms and plunder them of all their loot, as well as collecting the keys. After plundering, go to the lower level of the Bedroom Quarters and find a Chest that is beside a lit candle. Inside, it will contain the Orbis Arcesso that is needed to continue.
  2. Read the Orbis Arcesso, then return to the Librarian and ask to read the second book to learn you need a phial of Amdusias' blood and Dragon Scales to strip him of his dragon flying ways.
  3. You need to return to the Bedroom Quarters, enter Amdusias' Room, and 'use' the book located on his bookshelf to unlock his hidden room which contains a Phial with blood (that is needed for the quest) as well as a chest that can be unlocked by mind reading Amdusias.
  4. After obtaining the Phial, you need the Dragon Scales. I recommend saving next, because you'll probably die a few times, if you have an undead summon ability use it (he takes all the fire from the dragon). The Dragon Scales are located in the Blood Altar room which is guarded by Amdusias and his dragon fireball shooting self. Prepare a potion or two and sprint towards the green glowing scales on the ground at the end of the skeleton path, steal it, and then run back.
  5. Read the second Orbis Arcesso and then go fight Amdusias.
  6. After the fight, read the Book of the Dragon upon the Blood Altar, and then head north, talk to Damian and find the Sentinel Statue to the north and exit the tower.

Characters Edit

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