Turgoyn is a historian initially found in the east coast encampment on Sentinel Island (where Barbatos, Hermosa, Radcliff and Sam also reside). He is a member of The Prancing Seahorse, a club consisting of scholars and historians, and he calls himself a "maritime historian extraordinaire." The sinking of his ship, ironically, made him dream come true because the island is very rich in maritime history as there are many wrecks around their camp.

Turgoyn is particularly interested in a ship which is found atop of a huge tree. He believes it is Ulfmar's ship: a legendary pirate who, all of the sudden, disappeared. He wants you to go there and search for the pirate's journal during the quest Legend Of The Ancient Mariner. You will only be able to do this after taking control of the Battle Tower and gaining your dragon form. He will have relocated to the Battle Tower waypoint shrine by the time you are able to complete the quest.

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