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Miller Upton AKA Baud is located in the Rivertown Mill on the second floor. He is Linda's father.


"I shouldn't hide the key in that kettle anymore. Nearly choked on it last time Linda made soup."

Upton's KeyEdit

To gain access to the Rivertown Mill's Basement where Abanayabar lives:

As of the latest version of Dragon Knight Saga, the miller's key automatically spawns in the cauldron.

In previous versions the key can be spawned by one of two ways:

  • mind read him to learn where he hides his key
  • talk to Stan after the quest Band of Brutes to learn where the key is located for free.

You can buy potions from him.

Miller Upton's StorageEdit

You can learn the password to his storage, that is located by Sosostra, by mind reading Abanayabar.

Find the teleporter that is called West Shrine alter. Then head due south from that shrine. You should cross a large river. Keep going past it till you find another smaller river. Follower it WEST and you should see a small carriage type thing at the top of the river mouth.

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