Warming the Crowd is a quest available in Divinity: Original Sin.
Warming the crowd

The crowd now cheering Cedric


In the southern part of Cyseal town, you will find two performers, Reginald and Cedric. Reginald has lots of adoring fans while Cedric has no spectators at all. Cedric asks for your help to bring back his audience.

The quest will begin if you speak to either Cedric or Gallagher. If you first speak to Cedric then the next step is to talk to Gallagher and vice versa. You must then convince Gallagher to work for Cedric through a game of Rock Paper Scissors. Pick the Charm option for a +1 bonus to each round. After winning the game, Gallagher will abandon Reginald and go over to Cedric. The crowd will soon follow.

Speak to Reginald once the crowd has switched sides and the quest will be completed. He will leave his stage when you ask him about the competition and run over to Cedric's in order to convince the crowd that Cedric is a fraud.


  • 130 XP for updating the quest
  • 115 XP for winning the Charisma game
  • 90 XP for completing the quest


  • This quest must be completed in order to be able to steal Reginald's talking head needed for the quest Headless Nick. Try to progress with the RPS check won since otherwise the only way to finish Headless Nick is by killing Reginald. The alternative is to perform yourself, using books found in the library, bribe the crowdwarmer, and while performing steal the talking head with other member of your party (you can switch between characters, even when they're talking).
    • Alternatively, you can use a Teleportation spell to send Reginald in a corner (minimal damage fixed with a single Regeneration spell, and only a -5 reputation loss), and then steal Nick's head right under everyone's nose. When you come back later, Reginald will be back before the stage (selfishly) crying over Nick's loss, so even the displacement is fixed on its own.


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