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Weapons can be worn by characters to improve defense and damage. Some weapons can also have charms and enchantments added to them, which can add bonus skills. The color of a weapon's name denotes its quality.

Weapons can be combined in several ways:

  • One two-handed weapon
  • One one-handed weapon
  • One one-handed weapon and a shield
  • Two one handed weapons

There are three combinations that may be configured by the player. That allows a fast change of the weapons being used, just by pressing a key. For example, the combinations can be:

  • One long range weapon (a bow, two handed)
  • One one handed weapon and a shield
  • Two one handed weapons

Weapon Types Edit

NOTE: DO NOT miss some special weapons in DKS, there are really good weapons:

Maxos Mallet - Sold by Carleton (only one opportunity to buy this), it costs approximately 16,000 but is one of the best one-handed weapons in the game

Rib Ripper - Sold by Sassan (10,000)

Bow of Orobas - Sold by Irwin (11,000 after mindreading him)

These three weapons are amazing with the enchantments normal (+100) and magic (+100) damage level 10 (you need two malachite gems).

Weapon Quality Edit

Special Quality Edit

  • Unique (Golden/Yellow)
  • Armor sets (Golden/Yellow)
  • Special-Quest-Reward (White)

Normal Quality Edit

  • Normal (White)
  • Magical (Light Green)
  • Rare (Blue)
  • Heroic (Dark Green)
  • Legendary (Neon Green)
  • Elder (Purple)
  • Epic (Red)

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