The Wishing Well will grant you one wish depending on the amount of gold you give it. There is one where Dreavan stands.

The Well has a female voice. She says there are other wells in the world but doesn't give Divinity II Divinity II locations. She also mentions that a Wishing Well in Ferol granted a wish to an adventurer that later became the Divine.

If you wish for a powerful item Edit

  • 10 gold gives you a bracelet with one random stat boost.
  • 100 gold gives you a bracelet with +1 Unarmed Expertise, two random stat boosts, and one random enchantment.
  • 1000 gold gives you a bracelet with +1 Wisdom, two random stat boosts, and two random enchantments.

Bracelets of all tiers seem to have an equally random chance at having one or two empty charm slots.

Note: As of v1.4.9.32 bundled with the expansion "Flames of Vengeance," bracelets do not appear with charm slots.

If you wish to be more experienced Edit

  • 10 gold gives you 500 exp
  • 100 gold gives you 1500 exp
  • 1000 gold gives you 5000 exp

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