Zandalor, Divinity II: Ego Draconis

Zandalor is a powerful wizard who appears in many of the franchise's games.

Divine DivinityEdit

In the original game Divine Divinity, he played the role of a guide and mentor to the main protagonist which was Lucian the Divine.

After Divine DivinityEdit

After the events of Divine Divinity Zandalor became Lucian's main advisor. It was he who first felt the dark teachings of Ygerna finding place and warned Lucian, leading to her capture and execution. When the war started Zandalor pleaded with Lucian that Damian had gone too far and had to be put down, Lucian however, like before, couldn't bring himself to kill Damian and left Damian behind in Nemesis, much to Zandalor's dismay.

When Damian returned and started a new war Zandalor fought alongside the armies of Rivellon. However, when news of Lucian's death reached his ears Zandalor was greatly saddened, non the less many years later when a Dragon Knight was cornered by Slayers, Zandalor teleported in and defended the knight allowing it to escape. This made the slayers claim Zandalor as a traitor and dragon sympathizer causing him to fall into dishonor and hiding.

Divinity II: Ego Draconis Edit

You run into Zandalor a few times during your main adventure. He helps the main character to destroy the forces of Damian.

He first appears in Broken Valley after you meet the last dragon knight, Talana, transfer her powers to the Slayer, making you a dragon knight. He speaks of the powers and responsibility given to the knight by Talana. Later, he appears a few times at Sentinel Island to explain a few things about the tower. He is met once again in Aleroth, where he needs your help closing rifts and aids you to obtain the shield needed to journey into the Hall of Echoes for the quest Come to No Harm.


First encounter: "I cannot believe it! Here is hope. Hope to destroy Damian. I shall guide you well, Dragon!"

When encountered at Aleroth's Ministry in the Great Market district, you can tell Zandalor that you "must do other things first" at the end of your initial conversation concerning the rifts. This allows you to talk to him again, this time with an option to Mindread him: "We are close to our goal, but you can never be too strong. So here, take some of my powers." You gain 2 skill points for doing so.

Divinity II: Flames of Vengeance Edit

Zandalor shows his power during Divinity II: Flames of Vengeance, when he creates a barrier around the city to protect its citizens.

But he was also deceived by Ygerna, and in fact the events of Divinity II: Flames of Vengeance would have not happened if Zandalor was not fooled by Ygerna. Bellegar, who appears to be a foolish but powerful wizard, had already known the fact that Ygerna is deceiving Zandalor.

Divinity: Original Sin Edit

DOS Zandalor

Zandalor, Divinity: Original Sin

He is the last of his kind, the Keeper of the Source; keeper of its memory. He threw his lifetime to preserve Rivellon, but now he fears that his private affairs have done more to harm it.

Zandalor was the Sorcerer who trained the White Witch Icara and her sister, the Conduit Leandra. He was in a relationship with both of them, but finally chose Icara. This is the reason why Leandra cut the soul forge between Icara and fled, and got corrupted by the Void.

You can find two key items for the main story, Titan DictionaryDOS Items Quest Titan Dictionary and Phantom Protection AmuletDOS Items Quest Phantom Protection Amulet in his house.

He tried to keep Leandra from entering the First Garden to open the Godbox and free the Void Dragon. But Leandra and her Death Knights ambushed him and he was about to die.

At the final stage of the quest Follow the Wizard, you can meet Zandalor in the Source Temple of the Dark Forest. His amulet is made of the last Star Stone that enables the Protagonists to enter the last zone in the End of Time; The First Garden. The Protagonists confront the Void Dragon in this place. Also, by the power of the activated Star Stone, Zandalor recovers his health.

He cheers up the Protagonists when they enter the First Garden to confront the Void Dragon.

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